Work with me

Hesitancy is a thief.
It steals your energy, your time and your prosperity potential

You deserve the wondrous sense of satisfaction, as your plans come to fruition.
You deserve the energetic feeling of keenness, as you dispense your expertise
You deserve the steadiness of brilliance of your self belief.

I can help you to: 

Stop second guessing yourself

Stop pausing with nonsensical 'I'll be ready when...'

Stop being crippled by your imposter syndrome thoughts

Now is a very powerful place.
Are you ready to embrace it?

Happy Clients

“I trust her.  I hear her.  She hears me.  She trusts me more than I trust myself.

Big heart.  Clear brain.  Her own woman.  Full of life.  Wicked sense of humour, gentled and polished by her own life’s lessons.

My most important tool for my own work is my self-awareness, the balancing within myself, balance as a process, always coming back to my centre, no matter where my responses to life and my own clients’ processes take me temporarily

Veronica heard and saw me, gave me space, held my doubts and my triumphs for me to see at a slightly different angle, offering new insights, offering, never imposing.

Asked deliciously unexpected questions, opening yet other avenues of self-exploration.

Working with Veronica Roberts?  Only if you think you are worth it, and I was, and thank you so much, Veronica.”


Lilli Elisabeth Hardebeck

“I had some sessions with Veronica and they have been life-changing. I went into the sessions full of self-doubt, not feeling as if I was worthy of things and generally feeling low about myself.

Veronica asked me specific questions so the answers would come from within me.

By the end of my sessions, I am positive, confident, and know I can do anything. Most importantly I know, thanks to Veronica is that I Am Enough.

She is patient, gentle and a beautiful soul full of love, healing,  compassion, and a natural counselor and healer.

If you need a nudge to move out of life, feeling stuck and unappreciated Veronica has the magic to help you see life through a different lens and get you moving again.

I recommend Veronica and her services 100%. Thank you for getting me moving again.”