Work with me

Group Coaching

You deserve the wondrous sense of satisfaction, as your plans come to fruition.
You deserve the energetic feeling of keenness, as you dispense your expertise
You deserve the steadiness of brilliance of your self belief.

Group work

What can you expect?

Presence – As a member of my group, I will listen with my full attention. I will take note of what is important to you. Together we will address your issues and your struggles, whilst incorporating your values, desires and specific outcomes.

Honouring Individuality – I welcome and work with your uniqueness within the group setting, encouraging and allow space for your full authenticity to shine through.

Tools & Techniques – I deliver supportive materials, befitting your requirements.

Insightful Perspective – My approach is to broaden your thoughts, skills, personal interactions and your bottom line.

Honesty – I work with respect for your individual viewpoint. However my desire is to maximise your results, so be prepared to be called out on you self imposed limitations.

Recognition – I will direct you to harness the innate power held within, assisting in your growth and moving through into expansive, expressive success.

Accountability – Whilst I check in with the group, expectation lies with your personal responsibility, to turn up, make a commitment and to do what is required to take you to that next level. This will be assisted with the support and encouragement of group energy.

Your Benefits

Feeling comfortable and confident with your own decisions, as you leverage the tools which provide you with the best step forward.

Knowing with certainty how your powerful choices, deliver through your actions.

Adopt a supportive mindset, and gain workable insight from tackling redundant beliefs and thought patterns.

Transformation through guidance, encouragement and trust.

Progressive increased resilience through emotional mastery and stability

Steady measurable results from task completion.

What’s Included

  • 1x 60 min Individual Deep Dive & Discovery of Issues, Blocks and Restrictions Session

  • 1x 60min Individual Mid Point Assessment & Recalibration Session

  • 9 x 90min Group Coaching Sessions

  • Weekly email support and delivery of tools and techniques

Your investment

£1545 for 12 weeks of support

  • How will your finances, business growth and feelings of fulfilment be affected by delayed action on your behalf?

  • How will your relationships flourish, whether business or personal without dedicated self-development?

  • When will you claim your inner tranquillity and put a halt to inefficient slogging through the work, denying your lunch breaks, racing to appointments and fast-forwarding your life?

Happy Clients

“I didn’t know what to expect from Coaching when I signed up for it. I certainly was not expecting to find it so inspirational. Veronica asked probing questions, which was always very encouraging and made me feel as if I was in control.

Each session encouraged me to delve deep. Veronica obviously listened and allowed me to reach my own conclusions. I would definitely recommend Veronica as a life coach I found her insightful, encouraging and positive. She never judged me or offered an opinion. She allowed me the room to find my own way forward using techniques I found challenging at times. I feel I have benefited just by being allowed to talk.
Sometimes we need reminding that we have the resources and the answers. I just used Veronica’s help to find them. ”



“Veronica is an amazing woman with a passion for helping others! She is a gifted coach who listens to understand and speaks from her heart.

Veronica helped me overcome an issue I have been dealing with since childhood. Through her coaching, I was able to work through some underlying beliefs and patterns to get to the root of the behavior. From there I have been able to shift my mindset and change old habits. I feel happy, confident and most of all free!

Thank you, Veronica”