Work with me

1:1  Coaching

You deserve the wondrous sense of satisfaction, as your plans come to fruition.
You deserve the energetic feeling of keenness, as you dispense your expertise
You deserve the steadiness of brilliance of your self belief.

1:1 Intensives

What can you expect?

Active Listening – As my client you have my full attention. What you have to say is of great importance to me. Your issues, your struggles, your values and your desires

A Bespoke Service – I welcome and work with your individuality, the full expression of you.

Tools & Techniques – I deliver supportive materials, befitting your requirements.

Insightful Perspective – My approach is to broaden your thoughts, skills, personal interactions and your bottom line.

Honesty – I work in a non judgemental way, coupled with straight talking, calling you out on you self imposed restrictions.

Confidence & Self Belief – I assist in uncovering inherent potential and reveal & honour evidential attainments.

Accountability – I bring to your attention your personal responsibility, discipline and execution.

Your Benefits

Appreciation for your expressive invaluable contribution.

Encouragement for your personal growth and vitality.

Strategic development through the execution of practical tasks and visual aids.

Clarity gained from eliminating hindering beliefs and thought patterns, to a more supportive and select mindset.

Transformation through guidance, encouragement and trust.

Progressive increased resilience through emotional mastery and stability.

Development through consistent course of action.

What’s Included

  • 1-2-1 Coaching 6 week Package
  • 1x 60 min Initial Deep Dive & Discovery of Issues, Blocks and Restrictions
  • 4 x 90 min Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly 20 min check in and accountability call
  • Tools & Techniques PDF

Your investment


  • How much time and revenue loss is as a result of your avoidance, procrastination & stagnation?
  • What’s the unsatisfactory business implications from your lack of discipline, prioritisation and planning?
  • How debilitating is your lack of trust in your self and your ability to deliver?
  • What setbacks do you experience as a result of miscommunication in your business relationships?

Happy Clients

“Veronica proved to be a great coach and whilst not leading the conversation in any way, unlocked my own positive energy and understanding.
She showed great interest in everything I said and highlighted how within a simple conversation I was able to understand myself better.

Veronica was very calm and highlighted to me that we can all overlook the obvious when the best way forward has been clear all along.

I highly recommend Veronica as a coach, and feel she has an excellent understanding of how to help find a more positive and happy way to be.”


Richard Thomas

“My sessions with Veronica, allowed me to open up, explore and provide an insight into my own thought processes and proved a wonderful experience. My journey has enabled me to think more positively, approach my concerns with a better understanding based on my own objectives. The techniques I’ve learned through self exploration I use daily and is proving beneficial and successful. I have developed a clear and deep connection to my personal thought process and how to use this every day in achieving my life goals. The sessions Veronica provided were very comfortable, and I recommend this to anyone who is open to learning about their mindset, and how to apply it to anything in life for the better. ”


R Evans